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Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

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Burial and Cremation Services

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors offers burial and cremation services to the Tipperary, Kilkenny, and Waterford communities, ensuring that your deceased loved one’s final resting place is one that brings you comfort, closure, and peace of mind. Our burial and cremation services are culturally sensitive and can be tailored to cater for any religion, culture, rituals, or traditions.
Our team works closely with local graveyards and crematoriums to ensure that the burial of your deceased loved one is respectful, dignified and sensitive.


Burial Services

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

If your loved one’s wishes were to be buried, we can accommodate you. Our team can either re-open an existing grave, or help you to purchase a new plot.
Our team will take care of the organisation of all of this for you, contacting the cemetery on your behalf to take some of the stress out of this already-difficult time.

Cremation Services

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

If your deceased loved one has chosen cremation, Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors can organise this for you. Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors’s cremation services are fully licensed under the Irish Association of Funeral Directors, with all legal requirements and paperwork given to the family before the cremation process. During the cremation process, we ensure the highest level of dignity, respect and compassion for your deceased loved on.
Our team will contact the crematorium on your family’s behalf, with the option of organising a ceremony at the crematorium if desired.
Following the cremation of your loved one, you will receive an urn of ashes which can be kept at home, scattered in a chosen place or interred in a family grave.



Is cremation cheaper than burial?

Cremation is usually cheaper than burial. Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors offers cremation arrangement services to suit all budgets.

Can you have clothes on when you’re cremated?

Yes. Many people choose to cremate their loved one when they are still wearing clothes. This is completely fine, and will not affect the cremation process.

How long does cremation take?

The entire cremation process usually takes around one to three hours. Following cremation, the family of the deceased are given the deceased person’s ashes in an urn.

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