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Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

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Funeral Arrangements

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

It’s a well-known fact that arranging a funeral for a deceased loved one is one of the most distressing times in a person’s life. Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors acknowledge this, and aim to help you through this difficult time by providing supportive, sensitive, and professional funeral arrangement services to suit you and your family.
Our team of professional funeral directors are experienced in taking care of all aspects of funeral arrangement, from the actual ceremony right down to the small details.
As well as arranging your loved one’s funeral, we offer embalming, repatriation, burial and cremation services. All of our funeral services can be tailored to suit your own family’s needs, accommodating to all cultural, burial, religious, and funeral traditions as necessary.


Church and Cemetery Arrangements

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

Our team at Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors work closely with local churches and religious organisations to organise all church funerals and graveyard burials. We can also accommodate non-denominational funeral and burial arrangements.

Wake Arrangements

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

The wake is one of the most important events following the death of a loved one, allowing mourners to gather together in grief to celebrate the life of the deceased. Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors offer bespoke and package wake arrangement services.


Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

Losing a family member who lives abroad can be devastating, and organising their return home can be complicated. If you’ve lost a loved one and need to bring their body home, Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors offers full repatriation services.

Local Death Notices

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

The last thing on your mind following the death of a loved one is contacting local radio and news to get the word out. Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors can publish local death notices to inform the community of your loved one’s passing, covering radio, newspaper and

Flower Arrangements

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

Trying to choose and purchase flowers following a loss can be a minefield. Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors’s team are experts when it comes to choosing and arranging floral bouquets for your loved one’s funeral cemetery, offering a range of different types of flowers to suit the theme, atmosphere and style of your loved one’s funeral.

Funeral Vehicles

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors offers professional, well-maintained, and reliable funeral vehicles to transport your deceased loved one to and from their funeral ceremony.

Burial Services

Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

We offer comprehensive religious and non-religious burial services for the deceased, and provide a wide range of coffins to suit all budgets and personal tastes. We work closely with local graveyards and religious organisations to ensure that your loved one’s burial is coordinated seamlessly and respectfully.


Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors

Our cremation services are highly professional, sensitive, and respectable and are suitable for religious and non-religious funeral ceremonies. Following cremation, ashes will be given to the family and can be kept in the home, scattered at a chosen place, or interred in a family grave.



How do you arrange a funeral?

Funeral Directors can help you organise all aspects of a funeral. Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors offers complete, comprehensive funeral arrangement packages.

How much does it cost to arrange a funeral?

The price of a funeral varies depending on a number of things. Darragh Walsh Funeral Directors offers professional advice and funeral arrangement services to suit all budgets.

Who is responsible for organising a funeral when someone dies?

If someone has a will when they die, their executors are responsible for organising the funeral. If the deceased person has not made a will, close family and friends are usually expected to organise their funeral.

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